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2430 Vasanta Way, Los Angeles, CA 90068

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The Scoop

"Dr. Robby Gordon’s Art Gallery is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Located in the Hollywood Hills, the gallery features unusual art pieces, window coverings and statuettes that promise to enchant and amaze.  Many of the paintings are designed to be viewed with 3D glasses, which bring many of the paintings to life. “If you put darker colors in the back and lighter colors in the front, that will create the effect,” said Dr. Robby Gordon. “My goal is dimension and depth.

The gallery has window shade art, statuettes, paintings and more. Dr. Gordon also has designed a line of clothes that are definitely unique, patterned in his own amazing style.”

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Buddy Sampson

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Avoiding Regret

"Photo Essay: The Hollywood Sculpture Garden, Hidden in the Hills"

"In Hollywood, you've got to claw your way to the top.

So why waste time competing with all those other artists for space at somebody else's gallery, when you can turn your own home into one?

And why stop with your house, when you can transform your yard into an elaborate sculpture garden, visible from both streets on either side of it?

After all, who just lives at home anymore?”

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"Five Great Gardens of Sculpture & Statues"

"Although technically this sculpture garden is artist Robby Gordon’s backyard in the Hollywood Hills, most of it is visible from the roads on either side of it. Given its steep hillside location – and the slippery footing atop the loose dirt, strewn with pine needles – it’s unlikely you’ll actually be able to walk around it much, but it’s worth stopping by to take a gander. At the top of the hill, two figures hang from a tree, arms interlocked. Another tree up there has been yarn bombed, and a bright pink headless figure (painted by Robby) stands glowing in the sun to greet you. Be sure to look up at the roof of the painted garage, where two mannequins painted by Gordon flank Brian Carlson's "Flamenco Sol.” ”

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Sandi Hemmerlein

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"Hollywoody Gallery"

"Up in the Hollywood Hills, below the Hollywood sign, Robby Gordon built a small oasis of modern architecture overlooking breathtaking view, a home-gallery with much greenery and artistic bright colors.

Robby, born in Israel, arrived to the United States in 1973, one day after he was released from obligatory military service. A trained veterinarian, who became allergic to animals, Robby studied finance at UCI. He played, on and off, with eclectic art all his life and now art, of many forms, is the center of his daily life activities.

Robby is holding a permanent and evolving art exhibition in his impressive, hillside, three levels, tastefully modern home, which he designed and completed three years ago.”

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Nurit Greenger

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