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Press Postcard Best of LA Atlas Obscura.


Oct 14, 2023

Jerry Schultz

The Hollywood Sculpture Garden, shaded by the eponymous Hollywood sign, is a world-renowned site where artists create sculptural formations. LAARTTV was invited by its owner Dr. Robby Gordon to visit and discuss art. The Hollywood Sculpture Garden takes us on a voyage of imagination and romance through the art creation representing the thinker’s mind. Address: 2430 Vasanta Way, Hollywood Hills, CA (by appointment only).

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Bold Journey

Sep 18, 2023

We were lucky to catch up with Dr. Robby Gordon recently and have shared our conversation below.

Hi Dr. Robby, really happy you were able to join us today and we’re looking forward to sharing your story and insights with our readers. Let’s start with the heart of it all – purpose. How did you find your purpose?
I was born an artist. However, my mother told me that first I would have to work in a profession then only later on I could focus on my hobby. She was right, I became a veterinarian and then I went into the financial field. I did well in my life so now I can spend all my time doing art. I love nature and color. Whenever I saw a beautiful landscape, it triggered my mind to keep it with the same colors and the same shapes. However, in completely different abstract way that will look like it is unique. I love walking in nature and I get a lot of energy from absorbing the beauty around me, which I want to transfer to the beauty on a canvas, in a sculpture, glass formation, or ceramics.

Appreciate the insights and wisdom. Before we dig deeper and ask you about the skills that matter and more, maybe you can tell our readers about yourself?
I am a Hollywood-based artist best known for my post modern abstract art and 3D sculptures. I paint and create sculptures in different arrays of materials and colors. One of my goals in life was to create a sculpture garden where I could express myself through art. My goal was to get a place where I could share my joy with other people and with other artists that can create their own sculptures here. It took me two years to find a house in Hollywood that was on two lots of land, I knew that I would use both lots for the sculpture garden and not to develop it. I wanted to develop a place for artists to express themselves in the same way I do. They could create art here and show their pieces in the Hollywood Sculpture Garden or ship their sculptures from anywhere to show here. By now, there are more than 60 artists who have shared their creations here. It is also a gallery that offers the opportunity to show and sell artwork. I have sculptures from Argentina, Italy, France, Chile, etc. We have more than 150 sculptures in the Hollywood Sculpture Garden. I enjoy mentoring other artists, seeing the satisfaction of their creations by seeing their art on the spot or being able to send the sculptures for the world to see.

If you had to pick three qualities that are most important to develop, which three would you say matter most?
My philosophy in life is what helped me to overcome any obstacles that I had in my journey to achieve my goal. I always had a goal in my life, however I knew that if something didn’t work out or I didn’t succeed in it, not to let it stand in my way. I had a goal that I stuck to but I was never attached to the results, even if I didn’t succeed in certain things, I didn’t take it to my heart and continued in the pursuit of what I wanted to create. I knew always that the world is telling me in which direction to go and I was the creator.

As we end our chat, is there a book you can leave people with that’s been meaningful to you and your development?
Krishnamurti influenced me the most in my life. I read a lot of his books, including The First and Last Freedom, and learned from him to accept the world the way it is and not to take anything to my heart. The best friend of my mother Urushla from Australia pressured me to read him and to go to Ojai to his center and it was the best thing in my life. It helped me to deal with every ordeal or problem that I had. As Krishnamurti said, once you learn to deal completely with your problems, you will be dead. And I was afraid that I was mastering his philosophy and soon I would die. Later on I realized that it would take me hundreds of years to learn everything that he taught.

Contact Info:

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VoyageLA: Meet Dr. Robby Gordon

Oct 6, 2021

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dr. Robby Gordon.

Dr. Gordon, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
I started doing art when I was about eight years old–however, I pursued my career as veterinarian and then in the financial planning and mortgage business. After the financial crisis of 2008, I downsized my businesses and I devoted myself full-time to the arts. I had a dream of creating my house as a gallery and have a sculpture garden around it. It took two years to find the house of my dreams, which had a lot of requirements and especially on a very large lot. I started putting my own sculptures in the Hollywood Sculpture Garden, and then slowly other sculptors, when they heard about it, they contacted me. Now in The Hollywood Sculpture Garden there are more than a hundred sculptures created by more than 60 different sculptors from all over the world (Italy, France, Chile, Argentina, Belgium, Mexico, among others). The sculpture garden is a place where I let others sculptors come and create their own sculptures or come and show their own creations since the place is set up as a gallery.

Read More Here

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Behind The Scenes with Robby by IG: iwant2knowyourstory

Aug 11, 2021


Watch on Instagram @iwant2knowyourstory

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My Art, My Expression: Robby Gordon's Story by I Want to Know Your Story

Aug 10, 2021

I Want To Know Your Story

Interview with Dr. Robby Gordon by YouTube channel I Want To Know Your Story.

Watch video

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Shoutout LA

Jan 12, 2021

Shoutout LA

Meet Dr. Robby Gordon: Artist, Founder & Curator of The Hollywood Sculpture Garden

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The Armen Show (Article & Video Interview)

Oct 27, 2020

Armen Shirvanian

Robby Gordon | Post-Modern Artist Behind The Hollywood Gallery And Sculpture Garden

Glad to have you all on here for episode 285 – this one is a treat because it includes visuals of the paintings, sculptures, clothing, and crystals created and procured by Dr. Robby Gordon, who has created the Hollywood Gallery and Sculpture Garden. These entities are packed with artistic works of his own, along with those of many others who he knows of.

See More Here

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The Hollywood Times

Sep 27, 2020

Jamie Favela

Hollywood Sculpture Garden Embodies As A Metamorphic Utopia For Creative Spirits

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 9/27/20 – The prettiest vivarium for artistic enlightenment and display, discover a new meaning to the term “art house” as reigned by Dr. Robby Gordon, proprietor of the Hollywood Sculpture Garden located in Southern California. Aptly situated in the Hollywood Hills and accessed via winding roads, the garden extends to virtually every nook and cranny in sight. Dr. Robby works evocatively with oils and acrylic paint to express avant-garde concepts. He has boldly woven art into the very infrastructure of his home, welcoming the works of many talented artists from all nations through an inclusive residence program.

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Dec 1, 2019

Marcela López instaló su "Sueño con el viento" en Los Ángeles

El Hollywood Sculpture Garden ya cuenta con una obra de la artista comodorense Marcela López quien, luego de una serie de arduas gestiones por lograr los materiales necesarios para su obra, finalamente viajó y se instaló en Los Ángeles para trabajar "in situ" con el proyecto aprobado por Robby Gordon, coleccionista y fundador del espacio norteamericano...

See more

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Het Laatste Nieuws

Apr 17, 2019

Toon Verheijen

Sculptor Jorg Van Daele at work in Hollywood

Sculptor Jorg Van Daele goes to Hollywood at the end of May to realize his twentieth peace sculpture "Sculpture for Peace". Van Daele already saw half the globe to convey his message of peace. He was in Zimbabwe until a few days ago.

Jorg Van Daele started his project of peace years ago and now there are at least one everywhere in the world and on every continent. A project that apparently works, because the questions keep coming. This time even from Hollywood. "I have been asked to make a statue in the Hollywood Sculpture Garden," says Jorg Van Daele. “A few local artists in the vicinity of Palm Springs make their studio available. The nice thing is that the weather will be made with a stone from the region. This is a large stone of about four cubic meters from the Joshua Tree Park. I can't imagine a better place for my twentieth peace wing."

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Atlas Obscura

Nov 2, 2018

Jessica Leigh Hester

A Dazzling Hodgepodge in the Hills (from An Explorer's Guide to Hidden Hollywood)

When the artist and collector Robby Gordon moved into his home six-and-a-half years ago, there was little landscaping to speak of, just a few shrubby plants and a steep slope of naked dirt. Today, every inch of his property—inside and out—is a medley of paintings and sculptures in metal, plastic, and stone, by more than two-dozen artists. After a few tumbles, Gordon and his collaborators built a staircase and railings, and anyone can stroll the garden on a self-guided tour to appreciate the eclectic installations, which include a 1,000-pound dragon, a turtle made from a bent wok, and spindly, spiraling flowers fashioned from mesh screens and strips of air ducts. (Also: Don’t sleep on the killer view of downtown L.A.)

See More Here

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Avoiding Regret

Nov 8, 2016

Sandi Hemmerlein

Photo Essay: The Hollywood Sculpture Garden, Hidden in the Hills

In Hollywood, you've got to claw your way to the top.

So why waste time competing with all those other artists for space at somebody else's gallery, when you can turn your own home into one?

And why stop with your house, when you can transform your yard into an elaborate sculpture garden, visible from both streets on either side of it?

After all, who just lives at home anymore?

See More Here

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The Scoop

Sep 1, 2016

Buddy Sampson

"Dr. Robby Gordon’s Art Gallery is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Located in the Hollywood Hills, the gallery features unusual art pieces, window coverings and statuettes that promise to enchant and amaze.  Many of the paintings are designed to be viewed with 3D glasses, which bring many of the paintings to life. “If you put darker colors in the back and lighter colors in the front, that will create the effect,” said Dr. Robby Gordon. “My goal is dimension and depth.

The gallery has window shade art, statuettes, paintings and more. Dr. Gordon also has designed a line of clothes that are definitely unique, patterned in his own amazing style.”

See More Here

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Avoiding Regret

Aug 8, 2016

"Photo Essay: The Hollywood Sculpture Garden, Hidden in the Hills"

"In Hollywood, you've got to claw your way to the top.

So why waste time competing with all those other artists for space at somebody else's gallery, when you can turn your own home into one?

And why stop with your house, when you can transform your yard into an elaborate sculpture garden, visible from both streets on either side of it?

After all, who just lives at home anymore?”

See More Here

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Aug 12, 2015

Sandi Hemmerlein

"Five Great Gardens of Sculpture & Statues"

"Although technically this sculpture garden is artist Robby Gordon’s backyard in the Hollywood Hills, most of it is visible from the roads on either side of it. Given its steep hillside location – and the slippery footing atop the loose dirt, strewn with pine needles – it’s unlikely you’ll actually be able to walk around it much, but it’s worth stopping by to take a gander. At the top of the hill, two figures hang from a tree, arms interlocked. Another tree up there has been yarn bombed, and a bright pink headless figure (painted by Robby) stands glowing in the sun to greet you. Be sure to look up at the roof of the painted garage, where two mannequins painted by Gordon flank Brian Carlson's "Flamenco Sol.” ”

See More Here

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Aug 2, 2015

Nurit Greenger

"Hollywoody Gallery"

"Up in the Hollywood Hills, below the Hollywood sign, Robby Gordon built a small oasis of modern architecture overlooking breathtaking view, a home-gallery with much greenery and artistic bright colors.

Robby, born in Israel, arrived to the United States in 1973, one day after he was released from obligatory military service. A trained veterinarian, who became allergic to animals, Robby studied finance at UCI. He played, on and off, with eclectic art all his life and now art, of many forms, is the center of his daily life activities.

Robby is holding a permanent and evolving art exhibition in his impressive, hillside, three levels, tastefully modern home, which he designed and completed three years ago.”

See More Here

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Hadshot LA: Inside and Outside of House That is All Art

May 9, 2015

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