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Witness Bonjisi


Witness Bonjisi was born in 1976 on the 25th of September in the Mutoko district of Zimbabwe. Witness is one of seven children with one of his brothers being the late Lameck

Bonjisi who proved to be one of his biggest artistic influences in his development.


In 1992, Witness began his sculpting career. With the guidance of Lameck and the late Nicholas Mukomberanwa, he attended workshops in America and Switzerland which exposed Witness to many western artists.To date his work has sold in France, Holland,

Belgium, Germany, England, Greece and the United States. His sculptures can be found throughout the world in private collections and galleries.This exposure has revolutionized his artistic expression turning his pieces from what could have been best described as primitive, into refined contemporary art. He has developed a great sense of line, inherited most likely from Mukomberanwa, and his works are powerful and striking to the viewer. His careful use of serpentine and opal provide his pieces with amazing colorations and layers that bring his pieces to life.


2002 Zuva Gallery (Scottsdale, AZ, USA)

2002 Shamwari Gallery (Oakland, SF, USA)

2003 World Economic Forum (Switzerland)

2008 Kingsley Garden Galleries (Cape Cod, MA, USA)

Abstract Infinity
Abstract Face
Long Hair Model
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