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Vojtech Blazejovsky


Originally from the Czech Republic, Vojtech is now based in the San Francisco bay area. He came to be a metal worker in his thirties when he trained as a brazer and CNC operator with the flagship British brand Brompton Bicycles. For over 7 years he learned their craft and production discipline. He then joined Hall Conservation, a company specialising in the restoration of heritage metal work, fine art and sculptures, as well as bespoke interior and exterior design pieces. He was with Hall Conservation for a number of years, and coupled this with advanced training and qualifications. Since moving to California in 2022, he has been exploring and developing his own practice as an artist. His home town in the Czech Republic is famous for its glass production. His mother is a trained glass painter, and his father is a metal worker. In his work he aspires to honour their respective crafts by bringing together their creativity and skill.

The Monarch and Dandelions:

The Monarch butterfly is a symbol of fragility of our ecosystem, but also hope for the future; we nearly lost this beautiful species. This sculpture depicts a Monarch as a reminder of the importance of all pollinators for a flourishing habitat.This Sculpture is predominantly made of recycled materials. The butterfly's body is made of soldered copper piping joints, with sheet metal for wings. The Monarch sits within a number of dandelions. The base of these plants is created from a car disc brake, and the stems are made of stainless steel flexible hoses that used to carry oil.A number of metalworking techniques had been used on this piece. They include; forging, TIG welding, soldering, silver brazing and plasma cutting. The sculpture was zinc sprayed before it received paint and patina. Finally, a clear coat was applied, to give protection from the elements.Suitable for outdoor use.Dimensions: 6'h x 3'w x 2.5'dWeight: 68lbs

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