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Steve Koch


My Background

"Hi my name is steve I have worked with stone for twenty four years.I work with various types of stone such as limestone,marble,granite and sand stone.when I’m not carving I spend my time Surrounded by nature it sparks my creativity."

My Medium

"I use many tools to create these stone images  such as high carbon steel chisels,sledge hammers from 3 to 5 pounds And Diamond cutting disks. Its a hard and dusty work but I love creating them For you to enjoy in your home forever."

My Inspiration

"I have a love for carving stone . When I am sitting there  looking at a square block of stone and thinking what it wants to become Is the most important part of the process. every stone has  something  locked inside of it wanting to come out for people to enjoy. when I am working on a sculpture I wonder who’s home it will be living in. every  sculptures I create feels like one of my kids. i have a very close emotional bond to my sculptures  its hard to let them go  but they all want a beautiful place to live and get attention . l put my heart ,soul and energy into every sculpture i Make . hope you enjoy looking at my works I put a lot of love into making  them."

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