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Nuccio Loreti


Loreti hails from Catanzaro, Italy.


"The Amalgam / Donna"

from by Aurelio Fulciniti

"A bit of everything: sport, art, culture, politics and above all various humanity, but only what interests me and what I want to convey to you.

A multiple of "Donna".

From Bellavista to Hollywood coast to coast. And without intermediate stages. There is only one path that united the now famous work beyond the borders of Catanzaro and Calabria, the profile of a woman who adorns, distinguishes, dissolves, camouflages and surrounds the panorama that can be admired from the most beautiful balcony in the city, and the international collection of Robby Gordon: this path is an ideal bridge that unites two very different places and does it in the most magical way, with a work of art. The Los Angeles artist strongly wanted this work because, like so many of us, he fell in love with it instantly. And it is an inevitable love at first sight, for this iridescent work that together with the panorama changes expression and brings out different perceptions in the viewer, which do not concern only the dawn, the sun, the sunset or the night, but even the states of soul. Observing it and looking at it through - this is precisely the image that makes the idea - our soul changes like the hours of the day or even in the opposite direction. From the panorama of Bellavista to that of Hollywood, there is a certain degree of celebrity, but - we must be sure - the sensations will be the same and Gordon happily noticed.

Another great success, therefore, for an iron artist who will still have many surprises to reveal to us, like our Nuccio Loreti. But also yet another happy demonstration of how the "multiple" is an integral part of contemporary art and does not take anything away from the value of the "unique piece": they are both the same thing. Indeed, we continue to the present, without quotation marks, stating that the multiple is really the means that allows contemporary art to become universal, to travel truly and in the imagination of the beholder, but without losing its value, both imaginative and real.

Multiple is indeed a reductive and even misleading term, because the "unique piece" remains such if the work reaches nine elements, obviously numbered, endorsed and signed by the artist. Remaining in the field of sculpture, only an immense artist (also in terms of the materiality of the works) like Henri Moore could reach thirteen.

Of course, the price of the work in multiples is lower overall, but the intrinsic and artistic value remains unaltered and indispensable. Art is an idea and therefore remains liquid, changeable and immaterial. The multiple therefore only increases the perception and the visual dimension, expanding it in space and time. And therefore Nuccio Loreti's "Donna" will also expand its dimension, maintaining its uniqueness.

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