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Michael Nyakusvora


Born on 23 May 1975 in the Rusape district of Zimbabwe. His first introduction to carving came at the age of ten when he began assisting his grandfather- a renowned wood carver.
His beginnings in stone sculpting followed a similar path. On completion of his secondary education in 1993 he went to Harare in search of employment. Realizing there was little chance of securing employment he moved to Chitungwisa. It was here, in 1994, that he was first exposed to sculptors working in stone.

Michael was fortunate to meet his friend Shepherd Madzikatire who was himself working with and learning from his cousin, one of the masters of Shona Stone Sculpture, Moses Masaya. Michael was accepted into the small group of young sculptors who were mentored by Masaya.

In 1999, Michael’s work was exhibited for the first time at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s annual exhibition. As the years progressed his talent and development have taken on his own identity and his reputation is rapidly growing.

His preferred medium is Springstone and his influences remain within the mainstream Shona Sculpture movement. Human and animal forms are frequently the subject matter of his work, as is referenced to Shona society, culture and beliefs.

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