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Lucy Manalo


Born and raised in Southern California, Lucy Manalo is a high school visual arts teacher and Los Angeles based female artist. She is versed in drawing, painting, photography and graphic design.

Currently, she is using metal as a means of expressing empowerment through process and materiality.  She uses her previous Air Force training in machining and welding, in order to create her current sculptural works of art.

The following is taken from her Artist Statement:

"My work is about empowerment.  It is empowering to use tools and make things with my own hands.  It is in the making that gives me a sense of control and strength in this chaotic world. Some pieces are planned while others are more intuitive and free.  I use plasma arc cutting for the subtractive pieces and FCAW, ARC or TIG welding for the additive sculptures.

The idea of using metal comes from my past experience as a welder/machinist in the Air Force.  Metal is a tough medium and I believe it conveys the themes of strength and tenacity through it’s materiality.  My work may read as abstract objects in space. However, as a whole, they have an overarching narrative of personal history, identity, perseverance and tenacity in the face of adversity. Each work is intended to spark conversation and inquiry into the meaning behind the process and materials, whether it be my own story or that of the viewer.


Being able to manipulate such a rugged material is empowering. The process of manipulation and the material itself both represent empowerment, moving forward, strength, tenacity and the ability to work hard to achieve goals.

(The statement can be viewed in full on her website.)

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