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Linda Smith


We are delighted to welcome Linda Smith to The Hollywood Sculpture Garden, with this beautiful ceramic addition.

Taken from her website:

"After studying painting at SUNY, Buffalo, I went on to get an MFA in film from NYU and then moved to Los Angeles from New York City. In Los Angeles, I began painting again and started exhibiting my work.

My work is inspired by my daily life, a mix of relationships with people, cats and dogs, along with inspiration from art history from the early Greeks to more contemporary art . I am really influenced by Picasso, Leger and Matisse, and of course Viola Frey, Robert Arneson and the Funk movement up in Northern California.

In 1996 I started working in ceramics, and presently work with clay and glazes creating ceramic sculpture. It’s an exciting medium. I love to explore with color pattern and shape, using my imagination, Whether it be in painting , prints, mosaics or sculpture my imagination takes over. Art is basic to my life, and it gives it joy, struggle and meaning

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