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Kyle Alexander


I'm from Long Beach, Ca. I also grew up in several parts of South Los Angeles and also in Westminster, orange county. Currently, I reside in Compton, Ca. I have been a student at Long Beach City College for a couple years now, preparing to transfer and move forward onto something more.

There have been many chapters in my life and I have gone down lot of different paths, which in turn, lead me to experience and develop many different and essential skills and lessons pertaining not only to my artistic views and ability but also personally to my character and ways of life. Although I have learned some things since being in college, there is a great deal that I've learned though trial and error in my own processes and over the years I have developed and honed my own methods and skills in order to help me achieve my end result.

I do many other forms of art aside from sculpture such as, graffiti, acrylic paint, oil paint, charcoal, ink/pencil drawing, screen printing, graphic design and hand-painted apparel. Art has played a huge role in my life, it gave me an opportunity to stay away from all the bad choices I could have made. Art is my passion, its what keeps me going through all the hard times. I put my heart into all my work whether it be big or small. Without it, there is no telling where I could have ended up, but I'm here now and that's what matters.

The Shit Hit The Fan

“The Shit Hit the Fan” was created Spring of 2014.


The objects in use: ceiling fan, radiator fan, metal edging, spark plug wires, miscellaneous pieces of metal and plastic, bed frame rail,  clothing line, wire and flat black spray paint.


This pice is classified as an Assemblage. It consists of a plethora of objects that have been combined in such a way to create a unified singular composition. I began this piece by compiling an assortment of random objects. I never really had a plan or idea of what I was going to make out of it, I kind of just started putting things together and I liked what I saw so I figured out how to make it work. I bent, broke, deformed, took apart and fabricated many of the objects that I used. Once there were enough objects combined to recognize a form I started to branch out in different directions.


This created an obvious balance issue which I solved by adding counter weight in the form of more objects where need be. I decided that I wasn't going to weld anything, even though many of the objects I used were metal. This brought on a bit of a challenge and I accepted it. In order to fasten the objects to one another, I used clothing line and rebar wire. I applied my knowledge of knots and lashings and began to lash and tie knots to secure the connecting points of the objects to make them sturdy and hold form. I then added many extra wires and lines through out the piece to both hold it together using tension as well as create more interior design and negative space. After I decided it was complete, I sprayed the entire piece flat black.

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