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John Mooney


John was first introduced to the medium of glass in 1986

while studying at Pomona College, in Claremont,

California. After taking a glass blowing class with

Therman Statom that final semester, he graduated with a

BA in Philosophy, and moved to Venice, CA, to assist

Richard Silver as a glass blowing apprentice. Working

full time with Silver ten years, as main gaffer, John then

founded Moonlight Glass in Venice, CA. He built his own

hot shop, turned his furnace on in 1999, and since then

has focused on blowing glass, improving his craft,

exploring new ideas, and selling his work across country

and worldwide. In 2011 John opened the studio to

instruction and now also offers glass blowing classes

year round to those interested in learning.

Exploring the physical aspects of molten glass in both

functional and nonfunctional forms, John enjoys

developing unique skills and talents while forming hot

glass into beautiful works of art. His glass continues to

evolve over time, showing significant shifts in styles and

techniques, always expanding his disciplines. Often

mixing pure saturated colors with luminous light and an

interplay of 3-dimensional form, this multi-dimensional

approach poses a life long challenge to him as an artist.

With perseverance, John is on a never-ending quest to

gain a unique mastery of this centuries old craft of glass


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