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Garrett Waltsak


Garrett grew up by Aspen Colorado and was always making art from the start. He has been a professional artist since two thousand seven after coming out with his metal figurines of female bodies in Aspen Colorado with Royal Street Fine Art. He remembers the first one he made in two thousand two, and the spark that it created amongst his friends and fans. He like his father, whom is an amazing plein air oil painter, were both lucky to have studied art with the great Daniel Sprick, and Dean Bowlby. Waltsak’s inspiration comes from the beauty of the female form and he is just in love with it. Every piece is handmade and unique using only his hands without the help of any molds. Each piece irreproducible, representing a snapshot in the evolution of this awesome artist. He studies classical guitar and lives in a cabin at his studios along the banks of the Roaring Fork River nestled between some great downhill biking trails in Glenwood Springs Colorado and is always excited to show people around his great gardens and workshops!

Mesh Bodies
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