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Esau Karuru


Esau was born in 1979, Mashonaland West. He attended both primary and secondary school. Esau started his life in the Shona art world as an assistant to Witness Bonjisi, his late brother Lameck Bonjisi and finally under Colleen Madamombe in 1997. While studying under Colleen he adapted pieces to encompass more detailed hair and dresses to enhance the beauty of the sculptures.

Later he had the confidence to become independent and opened a workshop at the Tsindi

Art Center. Esau’s pieces have been sold to collectors all over the world, with some pieces

receiving honors from Appleton Art Center Director, Mr. Timothy Riley.

Esau has two daughters, Tanyaradzwa and Anesu, who he looks after alone since the

passing of his wife Shupikai Kasirori.

Large Momma Pouring Grain
Momma's Dancing
Momma Showoff
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