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Danny Perkins


Art came to Danny Perkins through a visceral need to create. He is a self-taught artist. His first works were largely inspired by elements found on the farm but with time, he perfected his art, in a much wider range of inspiration. One of his great pleasures is to take something out of its original context and use it to create something new.

Femme Fatale is a sculpture made out of metal nuts that is sitting on a wooden base. She is part of artist Danny Perkins’s ‘Perfectly Imperfect series.’ This series represents that we’re all imperfect but when we accept ourselves for who and what we are that we become perfect for ourselves and that’s what really matters.

Family portrait is a metal sculpture with a deeply personal meaning. There are seven fingerprints from Danny’s family represented in the sculpture. While this sculpture is available for purchase, you can also obtain your own customized fingerprint sculpture in the size and format of your choice (example: free standing or for the wall), with one or multiple fingerprints on it. 

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