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Bertil Petersson


We are grateful to welcome Bertil Petersson into The Hollywood Sculpture Garden, an amazing addition.

Taken from the Voyage LA article, in Petersson's own words:

"Born in Sweden, started making artwork in wood shop when I was 10 years old; came to NYC when I was 19 and started studying art and philosophy at The New School and Hunter College. Had my first solo show the following year. Shared aloft on 7 Varick St. with some other young artists; came out to LA to go to Otis. Did a number of shows before heading for Europe to study and work. Did shows in Paris, Amsterdam, Maastricht, worked Dutch National Radio doing electronic music; did a show that the Torped Huset (Moderna Museet) Stockholm. Back to LA where I met Larry Bell, among others, who became a mentor of sorts.

Did electronic music on KPFK Radio, was influenced by Edgar Varese, Terry Riley and Zen Buddhist flute music from Japan. Went to study en and, minimalist art in Kyoto and stayed for ten years. Did two gtours of Europe and the US, cut a CD and then moved back to the US to back to wood and stone carving in Vancouver, Canada. A visit to Larry Bell in Taos made me move back to the US and then after various shows and public works, decided to move to LA on Larry’s urging. Several shows and public works later, I am presently working on a number of commissions and offers to do shows in Venice, Italy, Dijon, France, Stockholm, Sweden, Beijing. There is a lot more to the story but it would take a book to write it all down…"

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