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Andras Bodo


Andras has designed and created multi-media art throughout his thirty year career in visual communications. From publications in print to intricate web design for clients worldwide, projects have included National Museums of various European countries, such as the British Royal Museum, The Royal Museums of Holland and Belgium, and the Gulbenkian Foundation in UK. After moving to the United States in 1981, Bodo worked for various prestigious clients including Credit Suisse, The Olympic Committee, Payden & Rygel, DMMJ Architects, Design Center Antiques (Pasadena), City of Hope, and Westin Hotels USA, to name just a few. ​

Bodo has also had highly distinguished clients from the art community, world of film, and even Statesmen. At one point, he was working with International Award-Winning graphic-designer Mitsuo Katsui (Japan) and sculptor Jimi Suzuki. Bodo had been given the task of fusing the two artists’ work into a series of posters for the celebration of the Third Millennium, a group exhibition held at Michael Himovitz Gallery in Sacramento (New Year’s Eve, 1999 – 2000).

His art works and photography have been exhibited in numerous galleries in North America and Europe, and many of his works are currently in private collections throughout the world. ​



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