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Jorg Van Daele


Jorg Van Daele started his sculpting education with sculptor Emiel Uyterhoeven in 1989. Since 2001 he’s been a professional sculptor.

Jorg participated in several symposia (listed below) worldwide symposia (New-Zealand, Cyprus, Egypt, Spain, Austria,…). In 2012 he won first prize in sculpting at the international symposium (AADD) of Pöchlarn, Austria. His artwork is spread all over the world, in privately owned and in public places (Canada, Spain, Germany, Egypt, New-Zealand, Uzbekistan,…).

His artwork distinguishes itself by the way Jorg puts different structures in his work. Most people think the sculptures contain several stones but this is an illusion as it is actually made out of one single stone.

Although at first he made most of his work in Belgian bluestone (or ‘Petit Granit’), lately he also made sculptures in several kinds of marble, limestone, granite,….

In April 2016 he opened his own gallery: the New-Jorg Gallery, in which he has exhibitions of the artwork of international artists along with his own. The N/J\G is located in Kalmthout near Antwerp in Belgium.

Sculpture of Peace

This entry into Van Daele's Sculptures for Peace series was made using one solid piece of granite, employing different method of polishing on each portion of the sculpture in order to give it its segmented look. 

From top to bottom: 

1: High polished with diamond sandpaper up to 3000.

2: Roughly cut with diamond disk

3: Polished rough.

4: First cut, then pieces were removed in order to see the inner structure of the stone jug.

5: Same as 1.

6: Cubes made with diamond disc, rough polished.

7: Bush hammered with point bijtel. 

8: Polished rough.

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